Namegiving - registration

Here you can notify changes electronically, then they are implemented either on the next working day.



Processing time:

Next working day

Price:No charge


Joint custody A custodian notifies name by filling out the form. The other custodian must confirm the notification of the name by filling out the form confirmation of name giving within 3 days. If the other custodian does not confirm the notification it will be deemed incomplete and the child's name will not be entered into the national registry.

Sole custody The custodian fills out the form and sends.

Full name is registered without limitation of number of characters and divided in three types i.e. given name, middle name and surname. In addition abbreviated display names are registered i.e. display name with 31 characters (incl. spaces) and 44 characters (incl. spaces). Display name is distributed to the users of the national registry for an example by banks, doctors and municipals. The display names normally reflect the full name of an individual but is limited to 44 characters and 31 characters. If the full name is longer than 31 or 44 the custodian must specify how the name should be abbreviated in the display name fields of the national registry. It is not allowed to shorten the first and last name, unless d. or s. for an example Jónsd. and Jónss. 

Note that only characters in the Icelandic alphabet are registered in the national registry.