Registration of exception from direct marketing

Registers Iceland allows people to exempt themselves from being part of samples from the National Registry for marketing purposes by requesting to be listed in the so-called restricted registry. 

Those listed there do not appear in samples taken from the National Registry that may be used for marketing purposes or other samples based on lists that have been authorised for use for marketing purposes. Research classified as scientific research is exempted. It is not allowed to send target mail to children, but marketing material may be sent to the parents of children, provided that they are not listed in the restricted registry. 

You can see whether you are listed in the restricted registry on My pages at Í If you believe that your listing in the restricted registry has not been respected, you can send an e-mail to with information on the complainer and complainee. Registers Iceland will then determine whether the party in question is authorised to prepare samples from the registry.

Markings prohibiting contact in the telephone directory are based on telecommunication laws, and these must be registered separately with telephone companies.


Registration of exception from direct marketing

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