I am an EEA/EFTA citizen

I am an EEA/EFTA citizen

  • If you are an EEA/EFTA citizen who intends to work in Iceland for less than 3 months, for an employer who pays salary-related expenses for your work in Iceland, your employer will apply for a system ID No. for you. A tax card is issued when a system ID No. has been allocated. You cannot apply for a system ID No. yourself. The system ID No. does not grant you any rights in Iceland and does not confirm your right to stay. 

  • As an EEA or EFTA citizen, you may stay in Iceland for up to three months without being registered. If you are seeking employment in Iceland, you may stay for up to six months without being registered. The 3- and 6-month periods are calculated from the day of arrival in Iceland.

    • You have to apply for confirmation of your right to stay in Iceland for more than three months. You do this at the office of Registers Iceland or the office of the municipality where you live.
    • You have to submit documentation proving that you fulfil the requirements to stay for more than three months.
    • You have to prove that you can support yourself for at least 3 months according to the guidelines for minimum living expenses.
    • If you fulfil the requirements for staying in Iceland for more than 3 months, you will be given a registration certificate and be registered in the National Registry with a legal domicile in Iceland. The registration date of the legal domicile is based on the reception of a satisfactory application.
    • A registration certificate is sent to the address stated in the application.
    • It is important that your information in the National Registry is correct (My registration), as the right to public service and assistance is mostly dependant on this registration. An ID No. without a registered legal domicile in Iceland provides limited rights. 

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